Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Well, we are now in Palo Alto. It was a crazy airplane flight with the cats, Jonah, and all of the terrorism scares on Thurs, but we arrived to Cali fine. See below for some pics from this week in Cali. The first pic is of Jonah in his new chair in the kitchen of our house (notice the bib Nana). The second pic is of a hike that we did in Saratoga with the crew (Stephen - Jessi's bro, and JJJ). Then there are two pics from a day trip to the dunes in Pismo beach this weekend. Jonah had his own little tent. The last pic is of Jonah helping us unpack in our new house...

Several of you have asked for our new address, so here it is: 247 Fulton St, Palo Alto, CA 94301

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tuesday, Aug 9 - Jonah had bathtime with Stella and Haley today. He was happy in the top picture when he was in the background hangin' with Haley while Stella stole the show. Then he got a little upset in the lower picture when bathtime was over because he loved bathtime with the girls :)

This is a very bittersweet week. We made so many good friends in Chicago. It is sad to say goodbye. That said, we are really excited about starting the next stage of our lives. There are several new adventures to come.

Pic 1 - Wednesday, Aug 9 - Rand, Amy, and Trey went out for coffee at Istria with us. Rand has been a great influence on our lives in Chicago.

Pic 2 - Sunday, Aug 6 - Pat and Lara went to Ravinia with us to hear Yo Yo Ma. Pat is going to be Jonah's baseball, volleyball, and basketball coach one day.

Pic 3 - Thursday, Aug 3 - Keely and Jen took us out for dinner at Calypso. Jonah loves the foam puzzle play mat that they got him. Mainly he rolls on it and tries to eat it now, but I'm sure he will be able to put the puzzle together one day. Thanks!