Monday, July 31, 2006

It is Jonah's 6 month birthday today. We celebrated as a family by buying Jonah a new book that has shiny lights called The Lonely Firefly. Jonah loved batting at the lights. I can't wait until our first real chance to chase around fireflies...

Jessi and I also celebrated by treating ourselves to gelato at Istria Cafe. Mmmmm. Jessi had mint chocolate and vanilla. I had strawberry/rasberry. Jonah was looking longingly at both cups. Unfortunately for him, the only solid food he gets so far is baby oatmeal. But from the look on his face, I have a feeling he will have his mommy's love of ice cream...

Here is a picture of some of our cycling buddies before we all played a nice "friendly" game of Risk. It is a good thing none of us are competitive ;)

I don't know who is more excited in this picture, Jonah or Aspen...

Well, this has been a great weekend after a long week. Thanks to Jessi for all of the support and for taking such amazing care of Jonah. I love you both so much...

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

I CAN'T HELP MYSELF!!! I love posting pictures of our very cute baby. He is changing everyday. It is absolutely amazing. He can sit by himself and is rolling over constantly. Here are some pictures from our Thursday. We had mom's group in the morning and then we went to the park. Jonah is sitting in my lap as I am typing this and he wanted me to tell daddy to hurry home and we miss you. We love you Jon. Congrats on finishing your bar exam.
Jessi and Jonah

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Hi Dad- Just wanted to say that I miss you and hope that your last day of the bar exam is fun. I can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!! Mommy has a tummy ache and I think it is empathy pains for you. :-) Come play with me!!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 24, 2006

Today Jonah and Jessi walked downtown from Hyde Park with Liz and Nourit. It is great that we have such adventurous and fun friends. Liz and Jessi celebrated the journey with a mocha from Intelligentsia on Randolph St.. A mocha is happiness in a cup. :) Good luck to Jon--- tomorrow is the big day--- day 1 of the bar exam. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. We love you Jon!!!!
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Saturday, July 22, 2006

For the past two weeks we have been having impromptu dinners at Christine and Michael's house. Or, I guess it should be called Stella and Haley's house. The dinners have been a compilation effort based on Christine's weekly box of vegetables. It is fun to see all of the cool things we can make from all of the fresh veggies. Christine had this great idea to dress all of the kids in tie dye and take a picture. It turned out to be a pretty good picture and will always be a good memory.

Here is a picture of Jonah, Stella, and Haley at Music Together. Jonah loves his music class. Stella and Jonah decided to try and dress similarly. Kind of cute. :) Posted by Picasa

These pictures should be called Jonah and friends because they are pictures of Jonah with his friends throughout the past week. It has been a busy and exciting week for Jonah as we've tried to stay away from home so daddy can study for the big bad bar exam. We did kidnap dad for a few diversions.

Jonah and Ryder are on there way to lunch at the Medici in Hyde Park. Ryder came all the way from Phoenix, AZ to have lunch with Jonah. Jonah and Ryder spent the lunch planning their future biking adventures. Thanks Katrina, Erik, and Ryder for spending the day with us.

This is a picture of Jonah and his girlfriend of the week......Haley Sturgill!!! What a beauty!! They like to play together at Haley's house which Jonah refers to as disneyland. Jonah is frequently seen trying to hold Haley's hand. Haley is 2 months older than Jonah so she has been trying to help him with his sitting and crawling.

Mom's group buddies! Here we have Samuel and David chillin on the couch at the church office with Jonah. They have a lot of fun together once a week.

It is always a good day when mom gets a pedicure with her friends. Thanks to Pam for a wonderful morning. Jonah was the center of attention at 2 Q nails downtown where mom gets a pedicure. All of the ladies there have known Jonah since he was in mom's belly.

We had a very fun week. Now it is time to get to work as dad heads to CA to take the bar exam this week. We are moving to CA on August 10. Our friends in Chicago will definitely be missed.
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The day after Jonah's shots...

He is not feeling very well today. 102 temperature makes for an unhappy little boy. All he wants to do all day is snuggle... no games, just snuggling and wimpering. A day like this makes us appreciate what an easy-going baby he is most of the time...

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Monday, July 10, 2006

SO BIG!!!!

Jonah had his five month doctor's appointment today. He weighed in at 19 lbs!!! His length is 27 3/4" and head circumference is 17 1/4". He is healthy, happy, and we got the ok for him to go on a 100 mile bike ride with mom and dad in a few months. Unfortunately he had to get 4 shots, but he didn't cry until the last one. That must be because he has such super cute fleshy thighs. :) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Jonah just loves to swing! Jessi brought Jonah to the park this afternoon while Jon hung out at the law library with his buddy Pat. Who do you think had more fun today???