Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So it's been a while since we've updated the blog because we've been busy spending time with Uncle Stevie... who has left for Africa. Jonah misses his Uncle already. He has been crawling into his old room looking for Uncle Stevie... He also loves to point and touch the planets that Uncle Stevie hung for him. He is pointing at everything. He has now said dog, tree, and lots of mama's and dada's. His favorite food is fruit smoothies (homemade and from jamba juice). He is becoming our little boy. Right now he is taking about 5 independent steps at a time. He is definitely a gift from God.

Jonah was playing with the grocery bags, so mama made him a costume.

Grandma and Aunt Stephy came to visit to say goodbye to Uncle Stevie. We hiked from Mt. Tamalpais to Stinson beach and back. This was our halfway point.

Jonah loves to push a stroller. He will push it as long as we let him or until he finds some flowers or plants to distract him.

Goodbye Uncle Stevie- See you in two years. We all miss you but are so glad that you lived with us for a few months.
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