Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The mosquitos got Jackie (twice).  Washinton D.C. has a lot of mosquitos and they are constantly getting all of us except Jon.  Jonah likes to say "mosquito got me".  Whenever we clap our hands together he thinks we are getting a mosquito.  Jackie is smiling now.
When I was taking pictures of Jackie's mosquito bites, Jonah asked me to take a picture of him.  He actually has a bad cold today, so we are home playing with Lego's and watching Sesame Street (right now).  He is also potty training, hence the big boy underwear.

Life with two has been busy and an adjustment, but I have
been reminded that this is just a season of life and a very special season to enjoy. I (this is Je
ssi writing) feel so thankful and blessed with these two children. I know they are a gift and we want to raise them to be good people to help others and enjoy life to its fullest. Life has progressed much quicker with two. We seem to be out and about a lot more and have had some fun adventures. Jackie went to the zoo with her brother one week after she was born, and we go on daily walks, and spend a lot of time at the park and pool. Jonah is still adjusting to having a baby sister. For example, last night I was holding Jackie and Jonah said "Daddy hold baby Jackie, mommy hold Jonah."

We just found out that Jackie is going to have another boy cousin from Aunt Laurie and Uncle Ben. We are so excited and can't wait to meet the new McFarland family member (due at the beginning of January). Also, my sister Stephenie and her husband had a baby 2.5 weeks after Jackie was born (July 30). His name is Graham Anthony DellaRocco. Unfortunately we won't be able to get to Florida until Thanksgiving, but what a special time it will be to see baby Graham. Uncle Stephen will be there visiting too.... yipee!

Sweet Sleeping Baby - 5 weeks old.

Go Redskins! Daddy, Jonah, and Jackie at the redskins game. We made it almost to half time. It was a beautiful night with milkshakes, nachos, and pizza. Of course Jonah drank almost all of the milkshake

Every Sunday morning, we walk somewhere in Georgetown for breakfast and coffee. We started doing this in April and have really enjoyed our Sunday morning walks before church. It is always a challenge to see how quickly we can get ready for church.
Owen and Jonah... As Owen says, "Two Peas in a Pod". Owen and his family will be staying with us for two weeks. We will only be there for one week (because we will be in Seattle the other week), but that week will be full of fun and craziness.
Jonah always wants to give baby Jackie her "baba". Lately he has been asking her to lay down with him for story time before nap.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Weeks 1-2

We had many visitors over the first two weeks of Jacqueline's life.  Now it is just the four of us, and we are doing well.  Jacqueline is a very sweet girl.  Jonah is beginning to adjust to having to share his best friend (Mommy) with another, but he is very loving to Jacqueline and is already a great big brother.  See below for a few pics of the first two weeks.

Week 1: Jessi, Jonah, & Jacqueline

Week 2: Grandma and Jacqueline.

Day 7: Taking a break with Great Grandma Benitez at the Dupont Circle farmer's market.  Notice the peach juice all over Jonah.  Jacqueline is getting a snack under the cape as well.

Day 1: Jacqueline with Nana.