Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bambino Della Rocco

We went to Florida this weekend for a baby shower for Steph and Tony.  It was great to see all of the family.  Jonah got all of the attention that one boy could handle.  On Friday, Jonathan and Jonah went with Nana and Granpa to meet Sara and Paul in Keystone Heights for Sara's birthday.  Surprisingly, Keystone Heights had one of the coolest playgrounds we have ever seen.  There were a bunch of big kids (probably 8-12 yr olds) playing on a big fort.  Jonah really looks up to older kids now.  He would walk right up to them and watch everything that they did.  Of course, everywhere Jonah went he had his entourage (Nana, grandpa, daddy) following two steps behind.  Lots of fun.  The baby shower was Saturday and there were about 50 people and a couple hundred beers.  You know, your typical baby shower.  It actually turned out to be a lot of fun and went smoother than expected.  Steph was a beautiful mother-to-be.  We wish that we lived near Steph and Tony so the cousins could grow up together.  With their aversion to the west coast and the lack of good patent law job prospects in central FL, I doubt we will live near eachother in the near future.  See below for a few pics from the weekend:

Sisters. . .

Bellies. . .

Flight school with GP. . .

Ice cream cake = yummy

Don't worry, I'm just making sure no-one drinks daddy's Peroni.
Long Time No Post

It has been quite a while since we updated the blog.  We have made many good friends in DC and can't believe that we are half way through Jonathan's clerkship.  Baby Jacqueline will be here in less than two months!  See below for some pics from our latest adventures. . .

Jonah still loves trains.  Jessi and GP took Jonah to the Thomas the Train day at the B&O railroad museum in Baltimore, MD.

Above is a picture of Jonah waiting by the finish line for daddy at the Capital Challenge Race.

Jonah and Owen chillin' in the alligator pool in our back yard.

Jonah and Charlie driving a tractor at truck day in VA.

Aaron, Owen, Jonah, and Jonathan during a camping/hiking trip in Shenandoah National Park.  It was a bit chilly (it got down to 40 degrees), but Jonathan, Jessi, Jonah (& Jaqueline) were warm enough sharing 2 sleeping bags zipped together in a 2 person tent!