Friday, March 27, 2009

We love Caltrain

Earlier this week, Jess took the kids on the Caltrain.  Below are a few pics, and Jonah's narration as I post this blog:

I love donuts.  I have trains.  I ride on top on Caltrain. Yeah. Yeah.  I love my car carrier.  I love going on train rides.  You are making lots of words dad.  Yeah.  Well, that's it.  Yeah, that's it. That's it dad.  I say that's it.  

I say I love my cars dad.  I say I love my cars.  Cars.  My cars.

That's it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thanks Stephen

Jessi's brother has been a huge help over the past two weeks cleaning, cooking, and serving as our personal sherpa. He left for a few days while my brother and his family are visiting from Seattle, but Uncle Stevie may be back for more adventures next week. Life has been crazy enough with him at the house; I can't imagine what the past two weeks would have been like without him there.
See below for a picture of Stephen pushing both kids in a stroller at the mall.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jackie Update
I often think of things to write in the blog while I am swimming very early in the morning.  The pool where I swim is surrounded by tall redwood trees that are so majestic.  I almost feel like I am at a National Park campground when I swim. Now that I have digressed a little....

While I swim I think of writing blog entries with titles like "What's wrong with this picture," and telling a funny story of how Jon and I were laying on the couch at 5:30 am while Jonah and Jackie were sound asleep in our bed. I also thought that I could write a list of all the things that happen before 9 am in our house.  We all seem to wake up early, except Jon, who has had to become someone who wakes up early.     

Maybe I will get back to some of those funny stories at some point. But this morning I am going to give a Jackie update.  Our sweet Jackie seems back to her energetic, happy self again.  About 1 week after the accident, she started trying to bend her left leg in the harness.  She is so smiley and it is almost impossible to keep her still.  The doctor said to let her do whatever she can do as long as she is wearing the orthosis (As an Orthotist, I have to call the brace an orthosis).  She seems to be able to move pretty well in the orthosis and doesn't seem to be in pain anymore when her leg is moved.  Someone at Jonah's pre-school suggested feeding her kale to help with bone growth.  Jackie loves Kale!  Her temperament has always been to be a mama's girl, but she has been exceptionally attached since her accident.  As her mother it has been difficult for me to work through the accident, but I feel so much better now that she is feeling better.   My brother has been staying with us for the past two weeks to help out.  Most afternoons, we take Jonah and Jackie outside for some fresh air.  Jackie sits in the stroller while we are getting a square plot in the backyard ready to garden.  This has become such a special project that was started after Jackie's accident.  She seems to like to sit still in the fresh air.  

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support.  She will get another x-ray in 4 weeks, so we will be sure to update everyone.  

Monday, March 09, 2009

Baby Jackie's Bad Break

As some of you have already heard, on Saturday evening as Jessi was putting Jackie in the baby carrier Jackie arched her back and started to slip out of the carrier.  Jessi reached around and grabbed Jackie to stop her from falling to the ground, and then heard a pop.  Jackie was whimpering and did not want to crawl or move, so Jessi brought her to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation immediately.  They took some x-rays and determined that Jackie's left femur was broken.  It broke all of the way through at about a 45 degree angle mid-thigh, but it was not displaced.  They put her in a splint on Saturday.

It is tough because she doesn't understand what is going on, but at the same time she is smart and doesn't try to use her left leg.   She hasn't slept well since the accident and kind-of whimpers on and off during the night, but she is really tough and hasn't cried much at all.  She is such a sweet little girl.

We saw a pediatric orthopedic doctor at PAMF today.  The doctor was so great with the kids and was very reassuring.  Because the break was relatively high on the leg, Jackie's leg was not cast; instead she was placed in a brace that attaches across her chest and to each leg to keep her legs at approximately ninety degree angles.  Jessi actually wore the same type of brace for a year when she was a baby to treat her hip dysplasia.  If all goes well, then Jackie will be in hers for six weeks.

Thanks for all of the well wishes.  Jessi's brother is going to stay with us for a few days and help out, and Jonathan is avoiding work for at least a few days.

See below for some pics of our little princess.

Jackie with the brace (and her favorite baby doll).

Jackie with a splint (the day after the break).

Monday, March 02, 2009

Baby Brendan McFarland

The McFarlands gathered in Seattle to meet Ben and Laurie's new baby.  What a cute little boy.  Jonah had such a great time playing with his cousins.  Aidan (the other redhead) and Jonah have many similar interests and play well together.  Sam was really good with Jonah as well.  Ben had a big weekend too, as SPU gave him tenure while we were there.  Nana and grandpa came in from Florida and spoiled all of the grandkids.  Jason and Marnie (Jonathan's cousins) came up from Portland with their kids, who are four months older than Jonah and Jackie respectively.  We had a full house and a lot of fun.