Tuesday, October 09, 2007

September & October 2007
September and October have been busy getting ready to move to DC, wrapping up things at work, and saying goodbye to friends. We had a great visit with Erik, Katrina and Ryder and there is a picture of Jonah and Ryder playing the piano below (Jonah is really getting into it in this pic).

We also had an awesome trip to Park City with our friends from 1L year. Jonah had such a good time with everyone and he actually slept through the night every night that we were there! Amazing.... We went on hikes, visited a ski resort, saw snow, watched some football, and watched the boys play a couple of pitiful games of basketball. What a great weekend. Thanks to everyone for being so good with Jonah!

Jessi, Jonah, and Jon went for a hike at Windy Hill on one Sunday morning. It was a beautiful day and Jonah decided to take a nappy nap near the top.