Friday, July 06, 2007

Paul & Sara's Wedding - Jacksonville, FL - July 1, 2007
Sara and Paul had a beautiful wedding. Welcome to the family Paul. It was a great day. Jonah had lots of fun running around with his cousins Sam and Aidan at the reception. Jonah loved the jazz band at the reception (almost as much as he liked the pool at the hotel).

The Chi-town Girlies

Haley and Stella came for a visit from Chi-town to see their boyfriend. The girlies loved to chase Jonah around and smother him with kisses. They had so much fun. There was almost as much kissing going on during that week as Paul & Sara's wedding video.

A day at Epcot with Nana

We went to Epcot with Nana, Uncle Ben, Aunt Laurie, Sam & Aidan. The highlight of Jonah's day was the train table at the toy store. The highlight of daddy's day was fish & chips at the English pub.

A day at Melbourne Beach with Grandma - July 2007
We spent the whole day at Melbourne Beach. We all got a little too much sun and had a little too much fun. We had lunch at Bizzaro's, and Jonah had one of his favorite meals (cheese pizza).

Jonah battling the waves with Grandma

Daddy burried Jonah

Jonah took a 2hr nap on the beach!


Grandma, Aunt Steph, Mommy, & Jonah

Greg & Rachael's Wedding - Italy

May 2007

In May, Jonah took his first trip overseas to attend our good friends Greg & Rachael's wedding. See below for some pictures.

Greg & Rachael

Jonah inspecting the plane

Trevi Fountain

Jonah wet from Trevi Fountain

More Italy ...

This is an outside shot of the main building of the villa where we stayed. Staying in the villa was lots of fun. We made most of our dinners at home, family style, and had a great time getting to know Greg & Rachael's families.

The bridesmaids with Greg & Rachael


Jessi watches as Jonah explores the villa...

We had a blast riding this 3-person bike through the streets of Rome. Jonah loves steering wheels, so he was in heaven on the bike because he had his own wheel.