Friday, December 07, 2007

Our first snow. This is a picture of the townhouse we are living in.
This is a picture from our doorstep looking across the street. Isn't snow beautiful?
Jonah and mama in walking around in the snow. Jonah did not want to walk in the snow. He kept calling it rain and made me carry him constantly. I guess he doesn't remember his wintry beginnings in Chicago. :)

Jonah is now taking classes at Jonah's tree house. When I heard that there was a place in Georgetown called Jonah's tree house, I had to sign him up. He absolutely loves playing on all of the gym equipment. We have so much fun that he tries to join the class after us each time. We try to go to open play time a few times a week so that he can burn off some energy in this cold and wet place.
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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy Halloween!!! I think Jonah is the cutest monkey ever. I took him to Old Navy to pick out his costume and he immediately grabbed the banana. Every since he has been enthralled with the monkey. While we were in Florida the Nana gave Jonah a puppet monkey which is now one of his favorite toys.

This is a random picture of Jonah in front of the apple tree at GP's house. Very cute. He loves apples.
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We are finally almost settled in Washington D.C. and wanted to share some pictures from the past few months with everyone. We had a great time visiting friends along the way to D.C. We drove from San Jose to Flagstaff, but it took us 14 hours due to a wind storm in the Mojave desert. Jonah did great, but we did stop halfway at a Walmart to buy a mini DVD player. I think Jonah was much happier watching his movies during the drive. This first picture is of Ryder Leubkert and Jonah. They had so much fun jumping up and down in Ryders crib. I should email the video at somepoint....
In Albuquerque, we visited Justin, Jamie, and Joel Poore. Joel is only three months old (now 4 months) and very cute. It seems like yesterday when Jonah was that small. Jon left early to start the drive to Florida. Jonah and I spent two days there and then flew to Florida. Thanks Jon for doing the long drive. While in ABQ, Jamie took us on a very long tram/sky train ride at Sandia Peak. Jonah did not want the choo choo ride to end. The scenery was amazing and I would love to go back there to hike someday.
The Brevard Zoo is really cool. The coolest part was definitely feeding the birds bird nectar with Grandma and Papa.
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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

September & October 2007
September and October have been busy getting ready to move to DC, wrapping up things at work, and saying goodbye to friends. We had a great visit with Erik, Katrina and Ryder and there is a picture of Jonah and Ryder playing the piano below (Jonah is really getting into it in this pic).

We also had an awesome trip to Park City with our friends from 1L year. Jonah had such a good time with everyone and he actually slept through the night every night that we were there! Amazing.... We went on hikes, visited a ski resort, saw snow, watched some football, and watched the boys play a couple of pitiful games of basketball. What a great weekend. Thanks to everyone for being so good with Jonah!

Jessi, Jonah, and Jon went for a hike at Windy Hill on one Sunday morning. It was a beautiful day and Jonah decided to take a nappy nap near the top.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Swim Lessons
Jonah has really enjoyed swim lessons. He loves the water and can swim underwater from mama to dada and to the teacher. He can monkey walk along the edge of the pool, and he loves to play motor boat and walk the plank. Mama couldn't get in the water for Jonah's last two swim classes because of her cast, so dada got to have all the fun!

Dada blowing Jonah's train whistle. The other night, Jon went in to check on Jonah before going to bed and Jonah was curled up with one of his arms securely around the choo choo. What a precious baby.
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One of Mama's best friends came to visit last weekend!! We had such a wonderful time. Mama and Erin had fun drinking mocha's and Jonah had tons of fun at the Roaring Camp Railroad. We took a "choo choo" ride, as Jonah says, through the redwood forest. Jonah was a little scared at first, but warmed up to the idea of being on a "big" choo choo quickly. Afterwards he was pushing his little choo choo on the big choo choo train tracks. Too cute!!

Jonah blowing goodbye kisses to the railroad/choo choo.
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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday August 5, 2007 - Tour De Peninsula. Jonah spent 3+ hours in his chariot today while mommy, daddy, and GP rode the 33 mile bike tour just north of Redwood City up to Skyline Drive. Jonah loved the ride. He took a little nap and even screamed wee wee as Jon raced and I mean raced down the hills. :)

Jonah loves water. I just adore this picture. He was so happy pouring water in and out of cups and filling his baby pool with the hose.

Last weekend was the San Jose Grand Prix. GP let Jonah play in the Go Kart. Jonah was in heaven. After the choo choo, steering wheels are Jonah's next love.

Jonah and I watching the race cars. Although, I think Jonah liked climbing up and down the bleachers more than watching any racing.
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Friday, July 06, 2007

Paul & Sara's Wedding - Jacksonville, FL - July 1, 2007
Sara and Paul had a beautiful wedding. Welcome to the family Paul. It was a great day. Jonah had lots of fun running around with his cousins Sam and Aidan at the reception. Jonah loved the jazz band at the reception (almost as much as he liked the pool at the hotel).

The Chi-town Girlies

Haley and Stella came for a visit from Chi-town to see their boyfriend. The girlies loved to chase Jonah around and smother him with kisses. They had so much fun. There was almost as much kissing going on during that week as Paul & Sara's wedding video.

A day at Epcot with Nana

We went to Epcot with Nana, Uncle Ben, Aunt Laurie, Sam & Aidan. The highlight of Jonah's day was the train table at the toy store. The highlight of daddy's day was fish & chips at the English pub.

A day at Melbourne Beach with Grandma - July 2007
We spent the whole day at Melbourne Beach. We all got a little too much sun and had a little too much fun. We had lunch at Bizzaro's, and Jonah had one of his favorite meals (cheese pizza).

Jonah battling the waves with Grandma

Daddy burried Jonah

Jonah took a 2hr nap on the beach!


Grandma, Aunt Steph, Mommy, & Jonah