Sunday, April 01, 2007

It feels like summer...
Jonah loves to play in the sand at the park near our house.
Mommy lets Jonah have lots more fun (read = get lots dirtier) than Daddy does at the park.

Definitely the coolest 14 month old I have seen in a while :)

Jonah is showing off his Herculean strength at the store.

It is amazing how fast he can get that cart going!

Jonah loves bikes. While mommy was away this weekend, daddy let Jonah pull daddy's bike down on top of him. Five minutes later, Jonah was trying to get on the bike again. Daddy thinks it is a good sign that Jonah won't let a little fall deter his love of cycling... Mommy thinks it is a bad sign of daddy's babysitting skills... Daddy thinks mommy is just being a pessimist...