Saturday, August 02, 2008

Weeks 1-2

We had many visitors over the first two weeks of Jacqueline's life.  Now it is just the four of us, and we are doing well.  Jacqueline is a very sweet girl.  Jonah is beginning to adjust to having to share his best friend (Mommy) with another, but he is very loving to Jacqueline and is already a great big brother.  See below for a few pics of the first two weeks.

Week 1: Jessi, Jonah, & Jacqueline

Week 2: Grandma and Jacqueline.

Day 7: Taking a break with Great Grandma Benitez at the Dupont Circle farmer's market.  Notice the peach juice all over Jonah.  Jacqueline is getting a snack under the cape as well.

Day 1: Jacqueline with Nana.

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