Saturday, July 22, 2006

These pictures should be called Jonah and friends because they are pictures of Jonah with his friends throughout the past week. It has been a busy and exciting week for Jonah as we've tried to stay away from home so daddy can study for the big bad bar exam. We did kidnap dad for a few diversions.

Jonah and Ryder are on there way to lunch at the Medici in Hyde Park. Ryder came all the way from Phoenix, AZ to have lunch with Jonah. Jonah and Ryder spent the lunch planning their future biking adventures. Thanks Katrina, Erik, and Ryder for spending the day with us.

This is a picture of Jonah and his girlfriend of the week......Haley Sturgill!!! What a beauty!! They like to play together at Haley's house which Jonah refers to as disneyland. Jonah is frequently seen trying to hold Haley's hand. Haley is 2 months older than Jonah so she has been trying to help him with his sitting and crawling.

Mom's group buddies! Here we have Samuel and David chillin on the couch at the church office with Jonah. They have a lot of fun together once a week.

It is always a good day when mom gets a pedicure with her friends. Thanks to Pam for a wonderful morning. Jonah was the center of attention at 2 Q nails downtown where mom gets a pedicure. All of the ladies there have known Jonah since he was in mom's belly.

We had a very fun week. Now it is time to get to work as dad heads to CA to take the bar exam this week. We are moving to CA on August 10. Our friends in Chicago will definitely be missed.
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