Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jonah's Swim Lessons

Considering Jessi's passion for swimming, we decided to get Jonah started early with swim lessons (he didn't really retain much from all of the swimming that Jessi did while he was in the belly). Well, admittedly perhaps swimming is a bit ambitious in that he just started to crawl, but we think that he is an overacheiver like his mommy. Jonah loves the pool. He doesn't mind water in the face, but has trouble blowing bubbles under water, but he loves to laugh at mommy and daddy as we try to teach him how to blow bubbles...

Mt. Tamalpais Hill Climb - Jessi's First Bike Race

Jessi did her first road bicycle race (other than a triathalon) and did very well. Jonah and I were the loudest fans in the crowd at the finish line. Jonah enjoyed watching mommy race for once, after going to all of my races last year. The race was a monster climb up one of the toughest climbs in the bay area. Jonah thinks that we should take a ride up Mt. Tamalpais in the Chariot, but I'm not sure I have the legs to get us both up there. He's pretty persuasive though, so I'm sure we'll give it a shot one of these days...

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luebkert family said...

You rock, Mama J! Wish I could have done it with you.

- Mama K