Saturday, September 27, 2008

Photos!!  I've had some requests for photos and apologize to our wonderful friends and family who are interested in the happenings of our lives.  

We had some great friends living with us for three weeks.  Jonah and his best buddy Owen really enjoyed playing the guitar in their underwear.  

Jon and Jacqueline waiting at the bus stop after a visit to the court.  

We made a scouting trip to Seattle and were lucky enough to run into the Baird family.  I got to swim with Melissa (who is 8 months pregnant), and Jon got to run with Nathan. 

Jackie loved looking at Uncle Ben's cool beard.


Jackie's first plane flight to Seattle and Jonah's ...ummm .... 15th???

Owen will be a great big brother some day.  He was enthralled with "Baby Jackie."

We had many adventures with Kiki and Owen.  This picture was taken on our way home from a morning at the park.

Jonah rode his bike to his first day of preschool.  He was so excited to go to school and says circle time whenever you ask him what he did at preschool.


What is this big green chair?  We are still trying to figure it out (well, not really).  It sure makes for a cool picture on our walk home from a Saturday morning bagel breakfast with the Fountains.


Elizabeth L. said...

Jackie is too cute! She's so big already (but isn't that what always happens??) And it's great to hear that Melissa is pregnant - I think I heard that a few weeks ago when I asked someone if they had moved out of HP yet. XOXO

angel cake said...

Hi Jonathan and Jessi! Congrats on your latest addition to the family. Your professional pictures are beautiful. Hope you're well. My twin got me started blogging. Going to use it mostly for my jewelry and photography, but hardly find the time. Have a great new job in Evanston managing a 252 unit new condo building. Keeps me very busy. Stop by my blog some time.